Dunja & Marko | Amazing Love Story in Corberon Wedding Resort

DIY Wedding Project

This is a very special story near and dear to my heart. Dunja and Marko were my first “post-Covid” wedding I shot this year, and their wedding was long in the making. They planned this amazing love story in Corberon Wedding Resort for 2+ years, and no pandemic was ever going to mess their perfect day <3 not to mention I already had the honour to photograph multiple weddings of their friends, family and acquaintances. I really feel as a party of family at this point which makes this wedding photography job of mine so special, emotional and unique in it’s own merit.

This entire wedding was DIY project for Dunja, flowers, decorations, perfect venue, perfect band (Zodiac Band) and, hopefully, perfect photo and video team <3 She made a cracking job, and team at Corberon Wedding Resort gave her perfect and professional support for any ideas she had. And they weren’t lacking! Have you ever had entire wedding party climb to the top of one of the tallest buildings in Zagreb because you wanted to have different kind of first look? Neither did we – until now.

Granted – we were little bit cramped for space up there, but once Marko came up top – nothing was ever going to bother them. Nothing else existed except for the two of them and their 1 minute alone on top of the world – pure magic.

First idea for wedding session location was couple of days later in Mangart saddle for the vast mountain backdrop. Unfortunately, the road is closed for vehicles, and walking up there wearing wedding dress and suit was not an option so we opted for alternative location – Zavižan.

Zavižan session

Although sad I didn’t get a chance to shoot couples portraits on an amazing Mangart, I’m also extremely happy we opted for Northern Velebit National Park. Just goes to say that we have all those amazing and unique scenery in Croatia – even more so than other countries of the world.

No wonder Croatia is such a popular destination wedding option for many foreigners (can you say from this text how proud I am, because – I’m really freaking proud and happy for us 🙂 ) – we really do have it all <3 Vast mountains, beautiful beaches, remote lagoons, private islands, breathtaking greenery in Zagorje, Podravina and Međimurje counties and so much more.

If you are thinking of getting married in Croatia – just do it (this is not a sponsored post by NIKE, but if you guys want to make something happen – drop me a note 🙂 ). Croatian beauty is breathtaking, hospitality is renowned, and parties are unforgettable.

If you need someone to document your emotions and memories for generations to come – get in touch, I’d love to hear everything there is about your wedding <3

Enjoy this gorgeous people <3

Corberon Wedding Resort

Situated mere 20ish minutes car ride from warm Zagreb tarmac, Corberon Wedding Resort hid himself in the middle of the Brdovec woods. This huge estate spreads it’s boundaries on over 35.000 square meters of untouched nature and offers you peaceful and quiet day and night with your closest friends and family on your big day.

Their professional catering team gives you feeling of being the only people in the world for them, because on your night – you deserve it. Corberon team has 1 sacred mission, and that’s for you to have absolute zero concerns and worries on the most important day of your life.

Why should you choose Corberon Wedding Resort as your wedding venue? Simple – because when you get there to take a look – you’ll want to by any means necessary. Nature surrounding tents is untouched and it gives you perfect backdrop for your perfect day. Although this particular wedding didn’t use this option, you could have even your ceremony organised on premises, which means, you could have entire day on-site without any need for commuting, driving to and from Resort etc.

Should you choose to drive to the location, Corberon has secured parking on very spot large enough for any number of guests you might want to share your day with. Big tent Corberon can accommodate between 200 and 500 guests, while smaller one, Corberon Woods is sufficient for 120-200 guests.

If you are looking for natural and innate place to get married, please consider Corberon Wedding Resort as one of the options – I can guarantee that your Zagreb wedding photographer will thank you for opportunity to document your day <3