Ranch Kurilovec wedding – boho/vegan love story

“Look man, we want to do something different – something that screams – US…” As soon as I heard those words – I was sold! I knew I was in for something special and beautiful and I was right. Tons of details from Jumps  bowtie to all natural decorations at an amazing Ranch Kurilovec (and trust me – it is amazing and gorgeous).

Two beautiful souls, a drummer and a wannabe guitar player. Two hardcore superheros on a mission to save all the cats possible, to have best times of their lives on Ferragosto Jam, listening to underground punk, old-school classic rock and metal music, to live their vegan lifes according to their feelings and to love each other for eternity. After the first phone call I had on idea we were going to click the way we did! Honestly, living a life of destination wedding photographer has given me insane amount of life-long experience, friendships and discovering that life doesn’t have to be boring or mediocre. With just a pinch of creativity and some good will you can make your big day personal and special.

This was my first time shooting a Ranch Kurilovec Wedding and it was an experience for a lifetime. Music totally to my liking, every detail personalized to the fullest, totally casual dressing, and newlyweds to remeber for entire life. And who did all the details? That’s the beauty of it – Zvijezdana and Gustav themselves. No wonder it was all done perfectly to fit their styles and personalities – they knew exactly what to do.

Today I am proud to call Zvijezdana and Gustav my friends, because in a world full of princesses – they dare to be Wonder Woman and Deadpool <3

Wedding Venue: Ranch Kurilovec

Pre-wedding session in Maksimir woods

The Big Day <3

Memories made… <3