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June 2017

When you have great weather for 10 days before the wedding, amazing sun and temperature on your engagement session, but then out of the blue – rain right after the ceremony in church when we were supposed to have wedding session in the city centre, you can expect for bride to crack.

But not Iva! She was a true champ. All she said was – no problem Saša, we’re going to do our session when we get some nice weather and enough time for all of us to be there. Wish I could take the credit for this – but this one is NOT on your Zagreb Wedding Photographer =)

It took us some serious time, but finally, much like the Avengers – we assembled. We probably could’ve done it a bit sooner, but this way – it all simply clicked. We got all the images we wanted – both them and me and in an amazing amount of time.

I felt like I had to be fast and efficient, at that point in time I couldn’t explain why, but when we met some time later to deliver their wedding book I finally understood.

They are no longer a family of two <3 

Thank you guys for the beautiful time we had together and thank you for putting your faith in me. Can’t wait to see you again 🙂

If you like what you see – don’t hesitate to get in touch – let’s make your amazing story together – nothing would make me happier <3


cuople juxapositioned in front of the garage doors couple holding hands in front of garage door bride looking towards the sun groom looking towards the sun couple hugging on top of the Sava dam bride jumping into grooms hands bride jumping into grooms hands romantic late summer backlight shot couple descending down the dam couple hugging in fields next to river Sava bride hugging groom with her eyes closed bride relaxing on grooms shoulder romantic cuddle in the filed next to river Sava couple in the background hugging couple hugging shot through legs of a passer-by couple facing each other on Tuškanac park couple hugging hands in Tuškanac groom kissing brides neck from behind and hugging her couple relaxing heads on one another couple hugging in front of abandoned building on upper town in zagreb couple posing on Vespa on Upper town in zagreb couple cuddling on upper town in front of the national convocation couple sharing ice cream in Ilica street, longest street in Zagreb bride having ice cream while being hugged by groom in the middle of tram tracks on Ilica streettraditional herzegowinian cake made by brides mother brides family tree in the frame on the wall best of luck to the newlyweds cake on the table brides mother and brother setting cakes on tables Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows brides book in her old room mirror shot of bride having her makeup done bride having her makeup done bride having her makeup done maid of honor sitting on brides bed checking time time on her iPhone image of a picture on the wall with groom in foreground groom tying his shoes groom buttoning his vest groom fixing his tuxedo image of a clock just before leaving towards bride with groom in foreground brides hands while waiting for the groom to come to her apartament groom seeing bride for the first time and hugging groom seeing bride for the first time bride laughing and groom crying to the words spoken by his best man bridal party in front of the altar image of saint on the wall while priest is in foreground bride and groom holding hands while exchanging wows couple exiting church after they got married couple dancing their first dance couple dancing their first dance couple hugging during their first dance bride's brother singing and dancing groom's head hidden under the flag while dancing to the music guy dancing to the music guys dancing and hugging to the music bride swiping her wedding dress around to the music kid on his fathers shoulders dancing to the music couple singing and dancing to the music in the middle of a circle of people fireworks on top of wedding cake couple cutting the cake, bride having a surprised face couple cutting the wedding cake, bride bursting into laughter groom carrying the bride while she is dancing and singing to the song couple goofing into camera lens couple singing before the bouquet and whiskey packaging toss groom tossing whiskey packaging bride tossing a bouquet groom holding bride in his hands in Zrinjevac pavillion couple hugging in zrinjevac pavillion while wind is throwing brides veil in the air couple dancing in zrinjevac pavillion groom looking at the bride who is inside of the tree couple playing wiht hands on par bench bridal party running across the street bride sitting in grooms lap on stairs across the street of zrinjevac park bride sitting in grooms lap, both looking at each other crouple kissing under the veil on stairs across the street of zrinjevac park passer-by holds heart with his hands during the photo session couple snuggling on stairs while people are walking next to them couple hugging across the street of zrinjevac park while cars are driving in the street couple holding hands in zrinjevac park in zagreb, croatia