Love in an abandoned factory? Sure, why not!

When shooting Zagreb engagement session it is always a challenge to make new and fresh imagery. Luckily – this wasn’t it. First location was abandoned house which I’ve seen before, but never had the courage to go in. Who would’ve taught that a girl in short dress is going to “push” me in 🙂

One of the most satisfying things when doing this job of a wedding photographer is meeting new people and seeing new place while doing something I love and cherish. This isn’t the case here, because Matea and Ivica are my dear friends who I know for years and years. Although I taught it will make my job much easier it was just the opposite. At first I was nervous, hoping that they will still see me as their friend, not as a photographer. How happy I was when I saw that they saw nothing but a friend on that day. It makes them more relaxed, more open to crazy ideas and more intimate between themselves depending on situation. That’s the point I always want to reach with my clients. Once we reach that level of friendship you can expect amazin images!

So if you want to have great photos and a true friend for life – be open minded, relaxed and honest – the rest will come in itself.

BTW I wasn’t going to shoot their wedding – I was there as a guest and a friend. That honor was reserved for the colleagues at Fotkalo. So finally, as a guest, I could relax to the fullest and enjoy amazing food being served at Restaurant Pyrus – I assure you, it was GREAT 🙂

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. <3
Ladies and gentlemen – Matea and Ivica (soon to be) Legin <3

Memories have been made <3

Love you guys 🙂

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