Trakošćan Wedding Photographer

Every now and then, I get the chance to work with some of our colleagues on a wedding when they are in a need of a another photographer which is exactly what happened here. Martin Turk accommodated me on this wedding and I gotta say – we had fun like there’s no tomorrow! 🙂 He made me Trakošćan wedding photographer and I’ll be forever grateful.

Martina & Matija on the other hand were wonderful, relaxed, happy and loving – just the way we want them <3

I gotta say, having all of that amazing scenery inspired me just a bit more. Not that I needed it to be completely honest, those guys surrounding me were more than enough. That light and airy hotel with huge windows, beautiful church right up on the hill next to the castle, then the castle itself – priceless. But what did the trick for me was their happiness and love – you could see it every step of the way. Not only between Martina and Matija (or M&M’s the way we like to call them) but between the entire wedding party.

I mean, come on – where else are you going to see grandma having a glass of Jack Daniel’s in the middle of the hallway with the best man?