Kuglana vjencanje Zagreb

Contrary to popular belief – you can have small and intimate wedding and have all the bells and whistles you always dreamt of! This Kuglana wedding just proved my point for being intimate, personalised, detailed and beautiful. It gave me borderline elopement feeling in the middle of my city of Zagreb.

Ana and Jurica made their wedding day their own personal DIY project by creating memories to all of their friends. Jurica even brewed his own beer instead of giving classical Thank You Note – how cool is that? They decided against the marching band in favour of a 1-man band playing rock and pop classics on the yard while we were sipping cold beer on a couch under the skies.

Icing to the cake was Anas cousin taking the microphone and singing some 70s and 80s love songs to the wedding party. Her beautiful voice threw us all in a state of trance. Everything was going just right entire day!

And then at the very end of it all – the venue! Kuglana wedding venue simply blew my mind! Industrial design, old-school/rustic/chic/boho call it whatever you want, all I know is that that place got SOUL. Pair that with the music treat by mesmerising Samoborski fakini band and you got a winner for sure! I’m not going to lie – I stayed until the very end of the party, that’s how much fun I had!

From now on, Kuglana wedding is going to be a gold standard for me. Always referred to when measuring the quality of the party. Measuring unit for a laid back couple who just wants to have fun not bound by strings of classical wedding – doing things their own way! Just the way I like it, just the way I make my photography.


Ana and Jurica for putting your trust in me to document your day in a candid and journalistic way. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness your amazing day and allowing me to create some of my own memories! You made yourself a new lifelong friend 🙂

Kuglana Vjenčanje

Zagreb wedding photographer

Kuglana wedding venue, a former bowling alley used to be a place for young people to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some cold brews alongside throwing some bowling games. Today you can use the place to do whatever you want.

Events of any kind, albeit corporate or private parties are being organised on this amazing and, admittedly a bit different venue

Park-forrest Grmošćica is removed from city centre just enough for you not to drive too far away and yet to feel s scent of a fresh air in the shade while sipping on cocktail and to feel the unique peace of Zagreb woods.

To enjoy the goodies you just read about, all you need to do is pick up your phone, get in touch and book this amazing venue. After that – entire organisation can be in your hands so you can personalise all you want <3

If you don’t have enough time to organise everything yourself, or simply don’t want you and would like to hire a trained professionals to do the job for you using your guidelines – Kuglana wedding team has got just the right people for you. Their associates will make sure to do everything to make your special day unforgettable and personalised to the tiniest detail so that you get everything you ever wanted and dreamt of.

If you stuck with me this long, all I got to say to you is – RESPECT and thank you. Thank you for following my work and enjoying what I’ve got to say through my images =)

If this Kuglana wedding made an impact on you, and you feel like we can make a connection and create beautiful story like this one for you wedding – drop me a note. I would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust too.

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