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A Very Elegant Wedding Story in Kornati Wedding & Events Venue


Moments and emotion is sort of a mantra I’ve been dipping my toes into lately (if you follow me on Instagram – surely you’ve noticed those hashtags), and this wedding story shows perfectly why is that. Happiness, laughter, hugs, kisses, tears of joy, partying until tiny hours – this Kornati Wedding&Events story has it all and is pinnacle of what I feel and want weddings I shoot to be like.

Tea and Petar are two beautiful souls that simply light the room up when they enter. I noticed that energy in Petar when I first shot a wedding he was a part of (fun fact, that particular wedding was a wedding of his older brother Filip in 2019 🙂 ) and Tea was no different. 2 minutes into our first coffee meeting in Cogito Coffee Shop Urania (on Kvatrić in Zagreb – I HIGHLY recommend to try it out – you will not regret for sure) and loving looks in their eyes –  I knew I HAD to book them.

Luckily we clicked right away and as they say – the rest is history =) Before I crack on – another fun fact – we actually met a friend of mine – amazingly talented photographer Matija Vuri of Ladies and gentlemen weddings who too came to very same spot for a meeting with his clients 🙂 Why is that a fun fact? Because, T&P had a big wedding with a lot of guests, which meant I needed additional photographer with me who incidentally was – Matija 🙂 Thanks bro for coming along for the ride – I know you had a ton of fun as well =)


Kornati Wedding&Events venue


I’ve been looking forward to booking my first wedding gig in Kornati Wedding&Events for some time now. I’ve been getting multiple inquiries a year for years, but it just hasn’t clicked until this particular time which really made me happy camper. Not to mention the fact we were all worried how things are going to pan out regarding pandemic which, surely, you’ve noticed raging in the world! My biggest concern was if there are going to be proper parties the way we used to. Surely it was NOT the same, however – still better parties than most of the world. Croats really know how to throw a party and enjoy their time with music, booze and friends.

Why is that? Why did I want to shoot in Kornati Wedding&Events? Well, it is one the most popular venues in my hometown of Zagreb, and to be honest – I’d be had pressed to think of many better venues if you want to book a big venue that’s more luxurious and elegant. It’s a modern venue with fashionable and classy feeling and arrangement. Trust me – it will leave a permanent impression and memories to you and your guests.

The venue is situated in the ground floor of City Plaza Zagreb (better known by it’s former name – Hypo Center Zagreb) on Slavonska Avenue which makes it a perfect location to come to from any part of the city. One of the most important details for me as a photographer is high quality lighting in the venue which, I’m happy to inform, this venue has as an option!! how cool is that? Oh, and also quite an important detail to cover – the venue has an underground garage for 200 cars in addition to huge amount of parking spots around the Plaza so it’s safe to say they got you all covered.

Enjoy this special love story <3


If you like what you saw, and need someone to document your emotions and memories for generations to come – get in touch, I’d love to hear everything there is about your wedding <3

But wait – there’s more….

As surely you’ve noticed, I tend to reduce the amount of images as much as possible to tell the story – most people don’t want to stay on your website and scroll through 300 images of other people – quite understandable 🙂 That’s why I make a slideshow pretty much every wedding I shoot – It’s dynamic, fast paced and brings back memories to the couple, friends and family <3 now, I don’t tend to share that with general public, I do however send password protected page to my website with the slideshow so that clients choose who gets to see it 🙂

I’m happy to say and introduce this particular slideshow with the world so that you can see what you will get when and if you book me to photograph your big day. Pixellu’s Smartslides is my slideshow maker of choice – you get easy to use tool that even a “tool” like myself can use easily – if you are a photographer looking into options – look no further, this is it!

Head over to Pixellu website and do yourself a favour by starting to use their Smartslides – seriously, it’s a game changer for me (and no – this is not affiliated or sponsored post, but I have no problems recommending something I personally use)


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