DOBRILA & MIJO │ Hvar Wedding│ Best Party Ever?

Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana Wedding Photographer

People will remember this Hvar Wedding


When I started all this wedding photography business I knew that sooner or later I’ll book a Hvar wedding. It’s pretty popular location here in Croatia, and now I know why. Where ever you turn – you got a shot. Every frame is different and special – it breathes story in itself. I was immediately hooked to location and want to shoot more there <3 
When Dobrila contacted me a year and a half before the wedding I was happy. Once I realized I’m going to be Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana Wedding Photographer I was ecstatic. I’ve been dying to see that location for years. And Dobrila and Mijo made it happen <3
There is always fear in the back of your head when organising wedding party on an open space. Luckily, “Sunny Hvar” didn’t disappoint this time either. Although end of September might bring sketchy conditions – last year it didn’t. Sunny all day long, light breeze and comfortable 20-22 degrees Celsius. Perfect!

The Venue

You know what else is perfect? That venue! Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana is one of the best venues I ever had the pleasure of shooting wedding. 40ish minutes boat ride from the centre of Hvar, 15 if you use speedboat. Remote means no-one will be crashing your party and no complaining neighbours. =) I will waste no time in explaining how good the food is. All you need to know is that main chef is Hrvoje Zirojević. If that doesn’t guarantee perfection – I don’t know what does!
Entire restaurant made out of natural wooden elements – even the chairs and “roof”. Ideal for rustic chic themed weddings where less is more.
If something different is what you are after – then you are in the right place. Having dinner under starry sky and partying until you drop is my idea of fun. So get in touch with me, let’s make memories together.
I never edit in silence – this Hvar wedding is no exception! It’s recommended to listen this amazing song alongside images 🙂

Thank you…

…Dobrila and Mijo for letting me be there with you and document your Hvar wedding in my style. I do hope we will see each other soon to discuss and re-live that amazing party of yours – it was truly epic <3

And thank you, my dear readers and followers for sticking with me til the end of this story – I really appreciate it.

If you like what you saw, drop me a note – let’s make your story together <3

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