Engagement sessions

couple sitting on top of the stairs in Dubrovnik under the cathedralcouple holding hands on the path under Sljeme hill in Zagrebgroom jumping of a huge log in Maksimir forrest in Zagrebcouple hugging on ranch kurilovec, shot through a wheel of carriagecouple hidding heads behind some books about Rolling Stones and catscouple hugging on road to top of the Sljeme hill in Zagreb, shot through a wheel of a bicyclecouple hugging on doors of old abandoned castle on Medvedgrad shot with a touch of lightCouple hugging on staricase in front of old abandoned house on Old Upper Town in Zagrebcouple hugging in the middle of the woods in Maksimir forrest in Zagrebcouple kissing in the middle of the road while cars are blurred with movementcouple hugging on cliffs outside of the old city of Dubrovnikcouple hugging in sunset backlight shot on damp in Zagrebcouple sitting on a bench in Maksimir woodscouple hugging in maksimir woods within trees that look like a photo framegroom piggybacks bride on ranch kurilovec in sunsetcouple walking on the ledge on Medvedgrad castlecouple kissing shot though disassembled cable car under Sljeme hillcouple hugging backlight on Sava dampcouple hugging in maksimir woodscouple partialy hidding heads behind turntable records on Bundek park