Velika Gorica Love Story to be told for generations

Velika Gorica Wedding photographer

2 internet warriors, but 1 amazing love story! They met online, she’s a pole dance instructor, he an ex-footballer. They both love watching movies under the blanket, nibble on Canaan chips and drink beer :).

With them being so laid back, we clicked immediately, over a pint of course :). They love story started 5 years ago to very date of the wedding. They met over a couple of mutual friends, had several meet-ups, walks and beers and it all started/ended with a trembling question by Vedran “Where are we now and what do you want from this”.

Many love stories have magnificent history and grandeur, but sometimes – less is more! Such is the story of these two where he proposed dead-tired of her birthday party next to kitchen sink in her apartment <3

If I had any doubts (which I didn’t) coming into this, it was all gone the very second we met for their engagement session on Ranch Kurilovec very close to Velika Gorica. We had an amazing time together, totally relaxed, emotional, romantic and loving. And guess what – they were totally natural in front of camera! 🙂

Working with them was nothing short of pure pleasure, and the second we started working together I knew I had new friends for life <3 Having a tractor on a session was just a bonus 🙂 I guess Velika Gorica has tons of surprises for us in store – can’t wait to go back there as soon as possible <3

Prewedding session location: Ranch Kurilovec

Wedding Venue: Odranski ribič

Wedding Band: Hot Stuff Band

Engaged couple relaxing on a bench in front of logs Couple holding hands newlyweds holding hands behind the log sungazing by a married couple groom driving a tractor groom driving a tractor bride looking lovingly at her future husband couple on a tractor on a ranch couple walking towards sun on a ranch married couple kissing behind carriage wheel couple hugging on a ranch couple hugging behind carriage wheel low-key couple hugging on a ranch groom petting stray dog bride petting stray dog couple petting horse on a ranch at sunset couple goofing our at stables walking towards sunset piggyback ride by a married couple on a ranch walking towards sunset on a ranch couple relaxing on a haystack couple relaxing on a haystack stray dogs crash engagement session couple having a romantic hugging moment on a grass couple holding hands on an engagement session couple dancing and rehearsing for their first wedding dance couple kissing in front of bee hive bus couple kissing in front of bee hive bus couple kissing in front of a bee hive bus


Couple of weeks later – in came their wedding day. It was an amazing sunny day, they were anxious to see each other, but Karmela’s brother in law had some tasks for Vedran and his best man before he can take Karmela once and forever! With a little help from his friends, they managed to resolve the task and start their life together. <3

So many emotions, so many thoughts, yet so few words to describe the way I feel about these people. I hope images speak more than I can, and I sure hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed spending time with these amazing and beautiful young souls.

BTW – They had me at – we love beer! 🙂

At the very end, I have to thank you for sticking with me in this post and give one last, but huge shout-out to Nikon Professional Partner Canosa ! I’ve been really privileged to have them lend me Nikon Df for testing purposes. I’m not going to bore you with gear and tech, but am going to say that that piece of equipment is stellar!