Malou&Petar ~ Couple living in Dubai, marrying in Sisak

What a wedding story <3

Obviously I’m aware this wedding didn’t take place in Dubai. In all fairness – Malou and Petar live and work there, and it sure has amazing ring to it, don’t you think? Dubai wedding photographer – sounds great! 🙂

Before plunging deep into my mind and 2 kilometres long blog post let’s take a second and discuss one thing. That thing is destination wedding. Common taught on destination wedding – book amazing couple anywhere in the world.

Travel there, meet amazing people, tell their story. Then with little help from The Big Guy above – book some more weddings there. Love that idea – would love it to happen couple a times a year. Not every weekend though! To me destination wedding means couple somewhere in the world organising their wedding in Croatia.

Let’s be honest – Croatia has SO MUCH to offer <3. Then getting in touch with me and booking my services.

Why you ask? I used to work for many years in a big company which meant going on business trips many times a year – often for a month or so.

I never minded that until I got my first kid Lea. And now having 2 of those little bundles of joy, I don’t see myself traveling 200+ days a year outside Croatia. Sure – I’d love to sleep til 12 the day after the wedding, but can’t get mad at kids for jumping on my head at 8 o’clock in the morning

Way of topic, I know – sorry about that. Back to the point! Malou and Petar are THAT couple. Destination bride and groom coming to Croatia to get married.

Malou is from Philippines, Petar from Croatia – CroAsian Connection established. <3

They met and fell in love in Dubai where they both live and work. Gotta say – I’m grateful they selected as their wedding photographer. Having opportunity to learn of their traditions, customs and more about their culture.

Newfound knowledge makes me a much richer man, and I do mean that.

Early morning session

If you follow my work, you’ve noticed I try to do things differently whenever possible, right? Well these guys were no exception! When Malou said she’d like to have an engagement session in the Upper Town in Zagreb, I said, sure – no problem! As long as you don’t mind waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning and meeting me there at 5:30!

I wanted to avoid tons of people, tourists and if lucky – find some new and interesting lighting. Boy, was I right! To all my future friends and clients – you have Lu and Petar to thank for waking up at 4 in the morning for next sessions 🙂


Old Sisak Fortress Wedding

Controlled by the Bishop of Zagreb, fortress is Sisak town museum in this modern day. Location – between mouth of river Sava on one side and on very bank of river Kupa on the other. Sorry to say we didn’t enter within the walls to the inner court.

We decided against using to much time for a session (15ish minutes or so). Instead, Petar and Lu decided to spend as much time as possible with their family and friends and it was a jackpot.

Party took place on the lawn in front of the fortress under huge tent. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Stari Grad, and I swear you won’t regret contacting them if you are looking for a place to get married near Sisak.

It’s rustic, old school, different and the food was extraordinary. Anyways, Lu and Peta took to the next level organisation-wise. They took care of everything! Appetisers on the lawn in front of the tent, flowers and rustic details everywhere.

Both band and DJ Dario were rocking so there was no down time. In charge for the mood was Luminos – awesome lighting company that will blow your socks off. You couldn’t ask for more even if you wanted to.

Long story short (not that this was short by any means) – hope you enjoy these images. Lu and Pero – thank you for putting your trust in me to document your most important day, I will never forget that.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer (no matter the location) who’s going to make your day a bit more enjoyable get in touch. Let me make memories for you too.

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