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Karla&Luka │ Corberon Resort Wedding

Karla & Luka

Corberon wedding photographer

It is in human nature to have preferences in life. Favourite food, favourite drink, favourite song, sports team, restaurant, car brand et cetera. You don’t choose to have a favourite, this things simply happen organically because of some detail.

Corberon Wedding Resort is my favourite wedding photography venue because of a ton of things. It’s tiny bit outside of my city of Zagreb, so I can quite easily get home after the wedding.

Parking lot is HUGE so there is no problem with leaving a car and carrying a ton of gear to restaurant. The light onsite is highly professional and adds dimension to images – makes for much more flashy story. Food is great and staff is so helpful and do everything for you to feel comfortable and to make your day memorable. Come to think of it – I might just add this to my about section 🙂

Traveling enthusiasts

Karla and Luka are madly happy, fun and in love (with each other and travelling). In fact – in their flat they have a huge scratch of world map to tick off the places they’ve visited. I didn’t bother to see all the places they visited, but Australia/New Zealand did catch my eye.

I’d LOVE to have an opportunity to go there either privately of professionally – so if your are getting married there – drop me a note through my contact form – I’d love to catch up with you and be a part of your big day.

Also – they’ve been to London which is probably no.1 wish at this point (Harry Potter museum anyone?) – so they already saw 50% of countries that I dream of (luckily working as a wedding photographer helps a lot in terms of booking abroad and travelling so – I guess I’ve nailed my profession <3 ) and I still love them which says a lot.

They are so loveable – guess it’s because of them smiling all the time. They simply emit positive energy <3


I digressed, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to pretty much anyone who knows me 😀 So, in the spirit of getting back on-topic, I guess I should do shout-out to all the vendors from the wedding.

Venue: Wedding Resort Corberon

Florist: Cvjećarnica Gea

MUA: Petra Krstić, Curly MakeUp

Hair styling: Kanso

Wedding dress: eNVy Room

Music: DJ Rea

Special shout out to Marija of Make It Special  for helping out with the canopy and the decoration of the ceremony site 🙂

Pre-wedding session

Upper Town, Zagreb

Wedding Day

Corberon Wedding Photographer

Post-Wedding session

Mount Sljeme, Croatia

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    Villach wedding photographer, landscape shot of austrian Alps from my bedroom window in hotel

    Villach wedding photographer | Resi&Emir | Best possible way to live life in the Alps

    International Love Story <3 

    Villach wedding photographer

    Booking a destination wedding is a special privilege for me. Having a client willing to bring you abroad to become their personal Villach wedding photographer in my mind means I am doing something right.

    Doing destination wedding photography always brings additional challenge, hence pride you see when we do one and see satisfied clients, however this one had additional factor that made things easy. Theresia is austrian, but Emir is bosnian, and loads of his friends and family came from Tuzla to Villach to testify this moment of joining this wonderful human beings into holy matrimony.

    Therefore there was no possibility in any way, shape or form for this wedding to be anything but fun! Finally, if you add the fact that the bend Jazz Banditen is mostly consisted of serbians living in Austria you just couldn't go wrong.

    I was nothing like photographers they saw before

    Their words, not mine but you can only imagine the way I felt when they told me <3 Due to me being outspoken, open minded and talkative by nature, having fun while shooting this wedding was an easy task for all of us. Bringing them my favourite craft beer from Croatia was spectacular idea and help to get their juices going (in case you were wondering - that beer would be Zmajsko Pale Ale - if you haven't, I highly recommend you try it - it's wonderful), consequently the image of them drinking beer in a park in the very city center of Villach (I guess now may be proper time to mention that they are big beer lovers :) )

    In conclusion I would like to add that a mere 3 hours drive from Zagreb my dream began to fullfill itself and this is yet another step closer to me photographing a wedding in Swiss Alps. My dream of becoming a true destination wedding photographer started with me firstly becoming Villach wedding photographer.

    You like what you read here? Wait until you see the images :) At the very end (or beginning which totally depends on your point of view) I'd like to thank you for putting up with me, and if you'd like to have personalised images for your wedding, no matter where it is - get in touch :)

    landscape shot of austrian Alps from my bedroom window in hotel landscape shot of FaakerSee lake detail shot of I love very - unfinished wood weekend getaway house on FaakerSee lake in Villach hollywood like sign across the FaakerSee lake in Villach jumps bow tie, wolverine themed on hotel room window art, picture on the wall in room of hotel landscape shot from my room window detail shot of hallway ornament detail shot of grooms cufflinks and belt detail shot of grooms watch detail shot of grooms shoes groom buttoning his vest on best man helping groom get his tie on groom looking at himself in a mirror groom fixing his tuxedo to accomodate his watch detail shot of wall ornament detail shot of wall ornament brides brother in law and nephew enjoying nice weather in backyard detail shot of wall ornament brides sister getting her shoes on detail shot of brides wedding shoes brides brother in law and nephew peaking through the window artifical flower and oldschool bus artefactwedding dress detail brides sister helping her put on her dress brides sister helping her put on her dress brides sister helping her put on her shoes brides sister helping her put on earring brides friend supervising her getting ready brides sister helping her put bracelet on bride relaxing in her back yard in Villach invitation for brides sister and her family couple goofing around with photobooth accesorize couple goofing around with photobooth accesorize wedding rings placed on boquet couple smiling and huggin under the veil couple kissing under the veil bride looking at her boquet couple kissing ove a Zmajsko Pale Ale beer Villach sign on the park bench wedding dress detail bride resting her eyes from harsh sun bride spinning around with her dress expanding