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Best Of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019 by TWeddings

Best Of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019

2019 season was a hell of a ride. A properly exciting season full of love, emotions, moments, laughter, tears and hugs. Personalised love stories to my new clients and friends, naturally,  goes without saying 🙂
Making a selection below 300 images was a challenge. Heck, even below 500 was a success in my mind! To lower it to 120-130 images I needed help. Tons and tons of unbiased help. And oh boy, did I get it? My beautiful (and sometimes too honest) wife Tamara and couple of amazing photographer friends (chief among them being Aleks Kus – Mr.Storyteller himself). I mean, who else can you rely on if not them, right?

Please bear with me to extend my warmest thank yous to them all – You’re the real MVPs 🙂

Best of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019

This rollercoaster of a year makes me really proud and happy. Stories told through my images have met and exceeded my expectations by a mile. This was a true year of a reportage and documentary wedding photography in Croatia for me and I can only hope to pile on this and build my brand for years to come.

To be perfectly honest, being a wedding photographer in Croatia gives you a nice push and a head start. Nowhere in the world will you find such an ambient, landscapes, energy and people! I am really grateful to have the opportunity to live here and make stories with this backdrop.

Year in review

At the very end of my monologue, I’d like to thank the people who make this all possible by putting their trust in me to document their day in my way. Seeing that people like your creative expression enough to put them in your hands and say those sweet couple of words:

Do what ever you want to, we trust you

Thank you <3

It’s now time to sit back, relax, pop a beer and popcorn and enjoy this short montage of select images to reflect 2019. If you like what you see, feel free to reach out – I’m dying to hear your story. 🙂

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double exposure of couple hugging in the woods

1+1 = Matea&Matko ⅼ Fotograf vjenčanja Heart By Lido ⅼ Most beatiful love stories

Zagreb wedding photographer │ Fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb

May 2019

Volim kada mi ljudi pruže svoje povjerenje i kažu – Sale, radi što želiš. Oči mi se ozare, srce počne jače kucati, a dobre fotke su gotovo garantirane =).
Kada smo sjeli na kavu da se upoznamo odmah mi je bilo jasno da se njihovi životi vrte oko matematike. Oboje su završili PMF, Matko ide na doktorat.
Išli su i osvajali natjecanja, olimpijade i dan danas im se poslovi vrte oko brojki.
Nije samo matematika ono što ih veže! Ispod stola se drže za ruke, gledaju zaljubljenim pogledima, skriveni osmjesi i odmah mi je bilo jasno. Oni su ludo zaljubljeni i moj posao je upravo postao 150% lakši =)
Na dan svadbe nema sessiona! Ne žele nepotrebni pritisak nego zabaviti se s obitelji i prijateljima.
Na dan svadbe – samo novinarski pristup fotkanju i zabava! Vjenčanje točno prema mom ukusu =)
Još kada dodam k tome jednu od najdražih lokacija za vjenčanja u Heart By Lido restoranu – nije moguće imati lošu priču <3

Veliki dan~Heart By Lido

Stigao je i veliki dan i za štimung su zaduženi bend Face, a Heart by Lido je zasjao punim sjajem. Podij je pun od prvoga momenta – prošlo je 3 sata ujutro, ali nitko ne odustaje i nejde se kući.
Bend praši fantastičnim tempom, ekipa daje pozitivnu reakciju i tulum je pun uspjeh! Sitnih, ukradenih trenutaka među podijem punim ljudi ko u priči, a ja jedva čekam zaokružiti priču sessionom.
Stigao nama tako ponedjeljak, a vani – prolom oblaka! Meni u glavi – nadam se da je Matea kupila haljinu i hvala Bogu da smo radili pre-wedding session u centru grada pa imamo “casual” fotke.
Srećom – Matea je kupila haljinu, a vrijeme se par dana kasnije popravilo i osušilo travu – vrijeme je za zabavu i novo fotkanje <3.
Nakon sat vremena je Matku već polako dosta fotkanja, ali ja se nedam – ajmo još tu, fakat je vrhunsko svjetlo, joj ajmo još tamo, tu je lijep kadar! Ali Sale – tu je potok, ne možemo preko osim ako skačemo! Moj odgovor? Ajd samo pažljivo 😀
Mislim da nisu požalili niti sekunde, a nisam ni ja <3.
Uspomene su napravljene, a ja sam sebi još jednom dokazao da sam uistinu fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb 🙂
Ako i vi želite dokumentiranje svog posebnog dana – kontaktirajte me, biti će mi drago čuti vašu unikatnu priču =)

Fotograf vjencanja Zagreb︱Matea & Matko

Like what you see? Get in touch :)

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Dubai, Sisak Wedding, Trifunovski Weddings

Malou&Petar - Dubai Wedding │ Best Of Destination Weddings

Malou&Petar ~ Couple living in Dubai, marrying in Sisak

What a wedding story <3

Obviously I’m aware this wedding didn’t take place in Dubai. In all fairness – Malou and Petar live and work there, and it sure has amazing ring to it, don’t you think? Dubai wedding photographer – sounds great! 🙂

Before plunging deep into my mind and 2 kilometres long blog post let’s take a second and discuss one thing. That thing is destination wedding. Common taught on destination wedding – book amazing couple anywhere in the world.

Travel there, meet amazing people, tell their story. Then with little help from The Big Guy above – book some more weddings there. Love that idea – would love it to happen couple a times a year. Not every weekend though! To me destination wedding means couple somewhere in the world organising their wedding in Croatia.

Let’s be honest – Croatia has SO MUCH to offer <3. Then getting in touch with me and booking my services.

Why you ask? I used to work for many years in a big company which meant going on business trips many times a year – often for a month or so.

I never minded that until I got my first kid Lea. And now having 2 of those little bundles of joy, I don’t see myself traveling 200+ days a year outside Croatia. Sure – I’d love to sleep til 12 the day after the wedding, but can’t get mad at kids for jumping on my head at 8 o’clock in the morning

Way of topic, I know – sorry about that. Back to the point! Malou and Petar are THAT couple. Destination bride and groom coming to Croatia to get married.

Malou is from Philippines, Petar from Croatia – CroAsian Connection established. <3

They met and fell in love in Dubai where they both live and work. Gotta say – I’m grateful they selected as their wedding photographer. Having opportunity to learn of their traditions, customs and more about their culture.

Newfound knowledge makes me a much richer man, and I do mean that.

Early morning session

If you follow my work, you’ve noticed I try to do things differently whenever possible, right? Well these guys were no exception! When Malou said she’d like to have an engagement session in the Upper Town in Zagreb, I said, sure – no problem! As long as you don’t mind waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning and meeting me there at 5:30!

I wanted to avoid tons of people, tourists and if lucky – find some new and interesting lighting. Boy, was I right! To all my future friends and clients – you have Lu and Petar to thank for waking up at 4 in the morning for next sessions 🙂


Old Sisak Fortress Wedding

Controlled by the Bishop of Zagreb, fortress is Sisak town museum in this modern day. Location – between mouth of river Sava on one side and on very bank of river Kupa on the other. Sorry to say we didn’t enter within the walls to the inner court.

We decided against using to much time for a session (15ish minutes or so). Instead, Petar and Lu decided to spend as much time as possible with their family and friends and it was a jackpot.

Party took place on the lawn in front of the fortress under huge tent. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Stari Grad, and I swear you won’t regret contacting them if you are looking for a place to get married near Sisak.

It’s rustic, old school, different and the food was extraordinary. Anyways, Lu and Peta took to the next level organisation-wise. They took care of everything! Appetisers on the lawn in front of the tent, flowers and rustic details everywhere.

Both band and DJ Dario were rocking so there was no down time. In charge for the mood was Luminos – awesome lighting company that will blow your socks off. You couldn’t ask for more even if you wanted to.

Long story short (not that this was short by any means) – hope you enjoy these images. Lu and Pero – thank you for putting your trust in me to document your most important day, I will never forget that.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer (no matter the location) who’s going to make your day a bit more enjoyable get in touch. Let me make memories for you too.

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Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana, luonge bar wedding photographer

Dobrila&Mijo │ Hvar Wedding

DOBRILA & MIJO │ Hvar Wedding│ Best Party Ever?

Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana Wedding Photographer

People will remember this Hvar Wedding


When I started all this wedding photography business I knew that sooner or later I’ll book a Hvar wedding. It’s pretty popular location here in Croatia, and now I know why. Where ever you turn – you got a shot. Every frame is different and special – it breathes story in itself. I was immediately hooked to location and want to shoot more there <3 
When Dobrila contacted me a year and a half before the wedding I was happy. Once I realized I’m going to be Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana Wedding Photographer I was ecstatic. I’ve been dying to see that location for years. And Dobrila and Mijo made it happen <3
There is always fear in the back of your head when organising wedding party on an open space. Luckily, “Sunny Hvar” didn’t disappoint this time either. Although end of September might bring sketchy conditions – last year it didn’t. Sunny all day long, light breeze and comfortable 20-22 degrees Celsius. Perfect!

The Venue

You know what else is perfect? That venue! Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana is one of the best venues I ever had the pleasure of shooting wedding. 40ish minutes boat ride from the centre of Hvar, 15 if you use speedboat. Remote means no-one will be crashing your party and no complaining neighbours. =) I will waste no time in explaining how good the food is. All you need to know is that main chef is Hrvoje Zirojević. If that doesn’t guarantee perfection – I don’t know what does!
Entire restaurant made out of natural wooden elements – even the chairs and “roof”. Ideal for rustic chic themed weddings where less is more.
If something different is what you are after – then you are in the right place. Having dinner under starry sky and partying until you drop is my idea of fun. So get in touch with me, let’s make memories together.
I never edit in silence – this Hvar wedding is no exception! It’s recommended to listen this amazing song alongside images 🙂

Thank you…

…Dobrila and Mijo for letting me be there with you and document your Hvar wedding in my style. I do hope we will see each other soon to discuss and re-live that amazing party of yours – it was truly epic <3

And thank you, my dear readers and followers for sticking with me til the end of this story – I really appreciate it.

If you like what you saw, drop me a note – let’s make your story together <3

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Corberon Wedding Photographer, fotograf vjenčanja, Trifunovski Weddings

Karla&Luka │ Corberon Resort Wedding

Karla & Luka

Corberon wedding photographer

It is in human nature to have preferences in life. Favourite food, favourite drink, favourite song, sports team, restaurant, car brand et cetera. You don’t choose to have a favourite, this things simply happen organically because of some detail.

Corberon Wedding Resort is my favourite wedding photography venue because of a ton of things. It’s tiny bit outside of my city of Zagreb, so I can quite easily get home after the wedding.

Parking lot is HUGE so there is no problem with leaving a car and carrying a ton of gear to restaurant. The light onsite is highly professional and adds dimension to images – makes for much more flashy story. Food is great and staff is so helpful and do everything for you to feel comfortable and to make your day memorable. Come to think of it – I might just add this to my about section 🙂

Traveling enthusiasts

Karla and Luka are madly happy, fun and in love (with each other and travelling). In fact – in their flat they have a huge scratch of world map to tick off the places they’ve visited. I didn’t bother to see all the places they visited, but Australia/New Zealand did catch my eye.

I’d LOVE to have an opportunity to go there either privately of professionally – so if your are getting married there – drop me a note through my contact form – I’d love to catch up with you and be a part of your big day.

Also – they’ve been to London which is probably no.1 wish at this point (Harry Potter museum anyone?) – so they already saw 50% of countries that I dream of (luckily working as a wedding photographer helps a lot in terms of booking abroad and travelling so – I guess I’ve nailed my profession <3 ) and I still love them which says a lot.

They are so loveable – guess it’s because of them smiling all the time. They simply emit positive energy <3


I digressed, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to pretty much anyone who knows me 😀 So, in the spirit of getting back on-topic, I guess I should do shout-out to all the vendors from the wedding.

Venue: Wedding Resort Corberon

Florist: Cvjećarnica Gea

MUA: Petra Krstić, Curly MakeUp

Hair styling: Kanso

Wedding dress: eNVy Room

Music: DJ Rea

Special shout out to Marija of Make It Special  for helping out with the canopy and the decoration of the ceremony site 🙂

Pre-wedding session

Upper Town, Zagreb

Wedding Day

Corberon Wedding Photographer

Post-Wedding session

Mount Sljeme, Croatia

Thank you for investing your time in reading this story and taking a look at the images, I really appreciate it 🙂 Feel free to like and share to your social media platform of choice and tag me in your post. You might just win something special <3

Also – if you like what you see and want your story to be told in my way – get in touch, let’s make it happen <3

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Villach wedding photographer, landscape shot of austrian Alps from my bedroom window in hotel

Villach wedding photographer | Resi&Emir | Best possible way to live life in the Alps

International Love Story <3 

Villach wedding photographer

Booking a destination wedding is a special privilege for me. Having a client willing to bring you abroad to become their personal Villach wedding photographer in my mind means I am doing something right.

Doing destination wedding photography always brings additional challenge, hence pride you see when we do one and see satisfied clients, however this one had additional factor that made things easy. Theresia is austrian, but Emir is bosnian, and loads of his friends and family came from Tuzla to Villach to testify this moment of joining this wonderful human beings into holy matrimony.

Therefore there was no possibility in any way, shape or form for this wedding to be anything but fun! Finally, if you add the fact that the bend Jazz Banditen is mostly consisted of serbians living in Austria you just couldn't go wrong.

I was nothing like photographers they saw before

Their words, not mine but you can only imagine the way I felt when they told me <3 Due to me being outspoken, open minded and talkative by nature, having fun while shooting this wedding was an easy task for all of us. Bringing them my favourite craft beer from Croatia was spectacular idea and help to get their juices going (in case you were wondering - that beer would be Zmajsko Pale Ale - if you haven't, I highly recommend you try it - it's wonderful), consequently the image of them drinking beer in a park in the very city center of Villach (I guess now may be proper time to mention that they are big beer lovers :) )

In conclusion I would like to add that a mere 3 hours drive from Zagreb my dream began to fullfill itself and this is yet another step closer to me photographing a wedding in Swiss Alps. My dream of becoming a true destination wedding photographer started with me firstly becoming Villach wedding photographer.

You like what you read here? Wait until you see the images :) At the very end (or beginning which totally depends on your point of view) I'd like to thank you for putting up with me, and if you'd like to have personalised images for your wedding, no matter where it is - get in touch :)

landscape shot of austrian Alps from my bedroom window in hotel landscape shot of FaakerSee lake detail shot of I love very - unfinished wood weekend getaway house on FaakerSee lake in Villach hollywood like sign across the FaakerSee lake in Villach jumps bow tie, wolverine themed on hotel room window art, picture on the wall in room of hotel landscape shot from my room window detail shot of hallway ornament detail shot of grooms cufflinks and belt detail shot of grooms watch detail shot of grooms shoes groom buttoning his vest on best man helping groom get his tie on groom looking at himself in a mirror groom fixing his tuxedo to accomodate his watch detail shot of wall ornament detail shot of wall ornament brides brother in law and nephew enjoying nice weather in backyard detail shot of wall ornament brides sister getting her shoes on detail shot of brides wedding shoes brides brother in law and nephew peaking through the window artifical flower and oldschool bus artefactwedding dress detail brides sister helping her put on her dress brides sister helping her put on her dress brides sister helping her put on her shoes brides sister helping her put on earring brides friend supervising her getting ready brides sister helping her put bracelet on bride relaxing in her back yard in Villach invitation for brides sister and her family couple goofing around with photobooth accesorize couple goofing around with photobooth accesorize wedding rings placed on boquet couple smiling and huggin under the veil couple kissing under the veil bride looking at her boquet couple kissing ove a Zmajsko Pale Ale beer Villach sign on the park bench wedding dress detail bride resting her eyes from harsh sun bride spinning around with her dress expanding