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Tea & Petar | Emotional Love Story | Kornati Wedding

Tea & Petar | Elegant Wedding Kornati Wedding & Events

Wedding Photographer Zagreb | Kornati Wedding

A Very Elegant Wedding Story in Kornati Wedding & Events Venue


Moments and emotion is sort of a mantra I’ve been dipping my toes into lately (if you follow me on Instagram – surely you’ve noticed those hashtags), and this wedding story shows perfectly why is that. Happiness, laughter, hugs, kisses, tears of joy, partying until tiny hours – this Kornati Wedding&Events story has it all and is pinnacle of what I feel and want weddings I shoot to be like.

Tea and Petar are two beautiful souls that simply light the room up when they enter. I noticed that energy in Petar when I first shot a wedding he was a part of (fun fact, that particular wedding was a wedding of his older brother Filip in 2019 🙂 ) and Tea was no different. 2 minutes into our first coffee meeting in Cogito Coffee Shop Urania (on Kvatrić in Zagreb – I HIGHLY recommend to try it out – you will not regret for sure) and loving looks in their eyes –  I knew I HAD to book them.

Luckily we clicked right away and as they say – the rest is history =) Before I crack on – another fun fact – we actually met a friend of mine – amazingly talented photographer Matija Vuri of Ladies and gentlemen weddings who too came to very same spot for a meeting with his clients 🙂 Why is that a fun fact? Because, T&P had a big wedding with a lot of guests, which meant I needed additional photographer with me who incidentally was – Matija 🙂 Thanks bro for coming along for the ride – I know you had a ton of fun as well =)


Kornati Wedding&Events venue


I’ve been looking forward to booking my first wedding gig in Kornati Wedding&Events for some time now. I’ve been getting multiple inquiries a year for years, but it just hasn’t clicked until this particular time which really made me happy camper. Not to mention the fact we were all worried how things are going to pan out regarding pandemic which, surely, you’ve noticed raging in the world! My biggest concern was if there are going to be proper parties the way we used to. Surely it was NOT the same, however – still better parties than most of the world. Croats really know how to throw a party and enjoy their time with music, booze and friends.

Why is that? Why did I want to shoot in Kornati Wedding&Events? Well, it is one the most popular venues in my hometown of Zagreb, and to be honest – I’d be had pressed to think of many better venues if you want to book a big venue that’s more luxurious and elegant. It’s a modern venue with fashionable and classy feeling and arrangement. Trust me – it will leave a permanent impression and memories to you and your guests.

The venue is situated in the ground floor of City Plaza Zagreb (better known by it’s former name – Hypo Center Zagreb) on Slavonska Avenue which makes it a perfect location to come to from any part of the city. One of the most important details for me as a photographer is high quality lighting in the venue which, I’m happy to inform, this venue has as an option!! how cool is that? Oh, and also quite an important detail to cover – the venue has an underground garage for 200 cars in addition to huge amount of parking spots around the Plaza so it’s safe to say they got you all covered.

Enjoy this special love story <3


If you like what you saw, and need someone to document your emotions and memories for generations to come – get in touch, I’d love to hear everything there is about your wedding <3

But wait – there’s more….

As surely you’ve noticed, I tend to reduce the amount of images as much as possible to tell the story – most people don’t want to stay on your website and scroll through 300 images of other people – quite understandable 🙂 That’s why I make a slideshow pretty much every wedding I shoot – It’s dynamic, fast paced and brings back memories to the couple, friends and family <3 now, I don’t tend to share that with general public, I do however send password protected page to my website with the slideshow so that clients choose who gets to see it 🙂

I’m happy to say and introduce this particular slideshow with the world so that you can see what you will get when and if you book me to photograph your big day. Pixellu’s Smartslides is my slideshow maker of choice – you get easy to use tool that even a “tool” like myself can use easily – if you are a photographer looking into options – look no further, this is it!

Head over to Pixellu website and do yourself a favour by starting to use their Smartslides – seriously, it’s a game changer for me (and no – this is not affiliated or sponsored post, but I have no problems recommending something I personally use)

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    Dunja & Marko | Amazing Love Story in Corberon Wedding Resort

    DIY Wedding Project

    This is a very special story near and dear to my heart. Dunja and Marko were my first “post-Covid” wedding I shot this year, and their wedding was long in the making. They planned this amazing love story in Corberon Wedding Resort for 2+ years, and no pandemic was ever going to mess their perfect day <3 not to mention I already had the honour to photograph multiple weddings of their friends, family and acquaintances. I really feel as a party of family at this point which makes this wedding photography job of mine so special, emotional and unique in it’s own merit.

    This entire wedding was DIY project for Dunja, flowers, decorations, perfect venue, perfect band (Zodiac Band) and, hopefully, perfect photo and video team <3 She made a cracking job, and team at Corberon Wedding Resort gave her perfect and professional support for any ideas she had. And they weren’t lacking! Have you ever had entire wedding party climb to the top of one of the tallest buildings in Zagreb because you wanted to have different kind of first look? Neither did we – until now.

    Granted – we were little bit cramped for space up there, but once Marko came up top – nothing was ever going to bother them. Nothing else existed except for the two of them and their 1 minute alone on top of the world – pure magic.

    First idea for wedding session location was couple of days later in Mangart saddle for the vast mountain backdrop. Unfortunately, the road is closed for vehicles, and walking up there wearing wedding dress and suit was not an option so we opted for alternative location – Zavižan.

    Zavižan session

    Although sad I didn’t get a chance to shoot couples portraits on an amazing Mangart, I’m also extremely happy we opted for Northern Velebit National Park. Just goes to say that we have all those amazing and unique scenery in Croatia – even more so than other countries of the world.

    No wonder Croatia is such a popular destination wedding option for many foreigners (can you say from this text how proud I am, because – I’m really freaking proud and happy for us 🙂 ) – we really do have it all <3 Vast mountains, beautiful beaches, remote lagoons, private islands, breathtaking greenery in Zagorje, Podravina and Međimurje counties and so much more.

    If you are thinking of getting married in Croatia – just do it (this is not a sponsored post by NIKE, but if you guys want to make something happen – drop me a note 🙂 ). Croatian beauty is breathtaking, hospitality is renowned, and parties are unforgettable.

    If you need someone to document your emotions and memories for generations to come – get in touch, I’d love to hear everything there is about your wedding <3

    Enjoy this gorgeous people <3

    Corberon Wedding Resort

    Situated mere 20ish minutes car ride from warm Zagreb tarmac, Corberon Wedding Resort hid himself in the middle of the Brdovec woods. This huge estate spreads it’s boundaries on over 35.000 square meters of untouched nature and offers you peaceful and quiet day and night with your closest friends and family on your big day.

    Their professional catering team gives you feeling of being the only people in the world for them, because on your night – you deserve it. Corberon team has 1 sacred mission, and that’s for you to have absolute zero concerns and worries on the most important day of your life.

    Why should you choose Corberon Wedding Resort as your wedding venue? Simple – because when you get there to take a look – you’ll want to by any means necessary. Nature surrounding tents is untouched and it gives you perfect backdrop for your perfect day. Although this particular wedding didn’t use this option, you could have even your ceremony organised on premises, which means, you could have entire day on-site without any need for commuting, driving to and from Resort etc.

    Should you choose to drive to the location, Corberon has secured parking on very spot large enough for any number of guests you might want to share your day with. Big tent Corberon can accommodate between 200 and 500 guests, while smaller one, Corberon Woods is sufficient for 120-200 guests.

    If you are looking for natural and innate place to get married, please consider Corberon Wedding Resort as one of the options – I can guarantee that your Zagreb wedding photographer will thank you for opportunity to document your day <3

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      Croatiavjencanja zagreb, imanje marincel, fotograf vjencanja zagreb

      Gorana & Mladen | Vjenčanja Zagreb | Superb party energy in Imanje Marincel

      Gorana & Mladen | Vjenčani fotograf Zagreb

      Imanje Marincel

      Ono što mi je nevjerojatno da je Imanje Marincel najbliža lokacija za održavanje vjenčanja meni doma, a da tamo nisam bio godinama do sezone 2019. Te godine sam bio triput i nadam se da ću uskoro ići tamo opet =) Priroda koja okružuje salu za party je posebna! Šuma na sve strane, prekrasna tratina, teniski i nogometni tereni i bazen – ma prekrasno!

      O imanju pročitajte više na dnu bloga – tamo ću pokriti više detalja koji vas mogu zanimati ako planirate vjenčanje tamo. A ako je to slučaj – trebate fotografa? 🙂

      Ovo fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb ima posebno značenje uz ovo dvoje. Gorana iz Splita gdje je upoznala i Mladena, koji je, iako je rođen u Zagrebu, proveo najljepše godine života u Splitu igrajući za Hajduk :). Možete misliti poglede na licima kada sam fotkao grupnu fotku i viknuo – ajmo sada svi lijepo viknuti – DINAMO :). Jedina pozitivna reakcija je bila kuma, koji je btw – upoznao Mladena igrajući s njim za – NK Zagreb 🙂

      Dolazak, spremanje, priprema i…..nervoza?

      Jedno veliko NE! O nervozi nema govora, Goge i Mladen su čekali ovaj dan toliko da jedino što se vidi na njihovim licima je sreća, ljubav i ono prekrasno – “Jedva čekam” <3

      Prvo smo došli do Mladena. Spremao se kod kuma Mensura u stanu u Petrovoj ulici – stan je BRUTALAN! 2 etaže, moderno/industrijski uređen, svaki detalj je na svojem mjestu (ruku na srce – to je više Adninih ruku dijelo koja je Mensurova cura, nego samog Mensura. Baš ima jako izražen osječaj za stil ).

      Dečki ko dečki – sjedilo se na natkrivenoj terasi, pričalo o NFL-u, pio se viski i pivo, zafrkancija i opušteno na najjače. Kao da danas nije Mladenu najvažniji dan u životu – taman štimung po našoj mjeri 🙂

      Kad smo došli do Goge, ona je već bila spremna i obučena – jedva je čekala da dođe netko s kime će popiti piće čisto da se opustimo sve skupa =)

      Kad su dečki stigli do Goge, umjesto nervoze, tradicionalnih kupovanja mladenke i slično – sve što smo imali je hrpa osječaja, osmjeha, zagrljaja i poljubaca. Apsolutni san svakog dokumentarnog fotografa vjenčanja =)

      Imanje Marincel

      Na imanje smo došli malo prije gostiju. Ako niste bili na Marincelu, otiđite na ovaj link i pogledajte koliko je to prekrasno. Teniski teren, nogometni teren, oooooogromna livada ispred restorana i bazen – sve usred šume na sjeveru Zagreba – idealno!

      Prvo smo stigli Aleks i ja, ubrzo nakon nas snimatelji – Amas films a dočekao nas je voditelj imanja Rene. Svi znate koliko je ugodno raditi u pozitivnom okruženju gdje svatko zna točno što treba, kako i kada, a ovo je točno to. S Reneom se kužimo maksimalno i uvijek nam je druženje ugodno  i zabavno, tako da najiskrenije jedva čekam ponovno doći tamo =)

      Taman kako smo završili fotkanje lokacije i detalja su počeli polako dolaziti i gosti kao i naši glavni likovi današnje priče.

      Doček, druženje i ceremonija

      Dolazak Goge i Mladena otvara novu kutiju zagrljaja, osmjeha i sreće, a mi cvatemo – momenata i emocija na sve strane! Svi se polako spuštaju prema bazenu i aperitiv baru. Slijedi vrlo kratko druženje i razgovori članova obitelji koji se nisu vidjeli godinama i spuštanje prema teniskim terenima na piće i kanapee dobrodošlice.

      za ugodnu atmosferu su zadužena 2 dečka na akustičnim gitarama izrazito ugodnog glasa. Toliko ugodnog da se nikome nije dalo preći na slijedeći korak – ceremoniju! Mladen je zamolio matičara da malo pomaknemo ceremoniju, barem za pola sata kako bi se gosti još malo podružili dok imamo dnevnog svijetla.

      Nama to paše savršeno jer taman tih pola sata nam treba da sunce polako počne zalaziti iza borova obližnje šume i da nam cijela lokacija ceremonije bude u ugodnom hladu – što zbog svijetla, što zbog vručine 🙂

      Nakon otprilike 45 minuta su se ljudi počeli organski dolaziti na lokaciju za sam obred vjenčanja. Mladen i Mensur su došli na samom početku do pergole i prvi put vidim laganu nervozu u Mladenovim očima. Lagano je koračao na mjestu, kao da želi ugaziti svoju točnu poziciju trajno na tratinu imanja Marincel.

      Obred vjenčanja na livadi imanja

      Vjenčanja Zagreb

      Krenulo je! Gorana dolazi na svoje mjesto iza kume Marine, a u pratnji ruku pod ruku s tatom Njokom ( zove se Goran, ali ajmo realno – tko bi ga zvao imenom uz ovako genijalan nadimak? 🙂 ). Emocije su na vrhuncu, Goranu su s leđa obasjale zadnje zrake dnevnog sunca – scena izgleda anđeoski <3

      Mladen puca od sreće, ljubavi i ponosa, a Njoko je na rubu suza dok je posljednji put grli kao djevojku i predaje Mladenu za ceremoniju. Obred je trajao kratko, ali obilovao je skrivenim pogledima, emocijama i ljubavi.

      Ovakva vjenčanja Zagreb pamti <3


      Eto nas napokon i na tulumu. Ljudi moji, ovo je bio party za pamćenje! Čak i Marincel koji ima veliki podij nije bio dovoljan za toliko ekipe koja pleše! Na momente smo se jedva probijali kroz gužvu – to je to! Zato volim što sam fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb!

      Energija koju je ekipa prikazala me oborila s nogu! Bend je prašio fantastično i što god su probali svirati je prošlo fenomenalno,. Atmosfera je proključala kada jedan uzvanik došao za mikrofon i počeo pjevati. Otpjevao im je i pjesmu za prvi ples i još u 2 navrata uezo mikrofon u toku večeru.

      Možda se čuli za njega, zove se Tedi Spalato <3.  Basa i gitare su se također primili uzvanici (bas svira Goranin tata, btw. Taj čovjek je definicija multipraktika <3 ) i tek onda je krenula ludnica. Podij krcat, stage prepun gostiju koji žele dati svoj glazbeni doprinos Gogi i Mladenu. Vjenčanje o kojem se priča i će se pričati narednih godina, kako kod mene, tako i u Marincelu i kod benda =)

      Dosta sam pričao, vrijeme je za fotke <3 Pogledajte ovu priču i zaljubite se u Gogu i Mladena kako smo se i mi zaljubili u njih – posebni mladi ljudi s posebnom energijom

      Ovakva vjenčanja Zagreb pamti!


      Imanje Marincel

      Savršena lokacija za bajkovito vjenčanje

      S preko 20 godina iskustva u branši Imanje Marincel je vodeći venue u gradu Zagrebu za ekskluzivna vjenčanja koja spajaju nespojivo – modernu uslugu s industrijskim i rustikalnim dizajnom u srcu šume na proplancima Zagreba.
      Jedna od najtraženijih lokacija za vjenčanja u Zagrebu se ponosi velikim brojem zadovoljnih klijenata u tih 20 godina, te preporuke i brojne review-e možete vidjeti na njihovim stranicama.

      Protežući se na 13.000 kvadratnih metara, Imanje Marincel spaja 6 područja logičnim rasporedom kao što su teniski i nogometni teren, bazen, livada, područje za civilne ceremonije te novouređena dvorana za vjenčanja i korporativne evente.

      Imanje ima i 3 velika parkirališta koja mogu akomodirati dovoljan broj vozila za sve vaše uzvanike te osoblje, a redovitim održavanjem imanja kao i investiranjem u unaprijeđenje i adaptaciju istoga, moguće vam je ponuditi uslugu u svako doba godine.

      Zimska idila vjenčanja Zagreb, team building na teniskom ili nogometnom terenu, ljetno vjenčanje na otvoreno – sve što želite, Imanje Marincel može ponuditi.

      Smješten na proplancima u Šestinama svega 10ak minuta vožnje od centra Zagreba, imanje Marincel nudi prekrasnu i mirnu oazu koja ljeti zbog okoliša neće biti prevruča s pogledom na grad.
      Ako mir i tišina je ono što vi cjenite – ne postoji bolja opcija od Imanja Marincel za vaš veliki dan.

      Ako vam organizacija samog vjenčanja predstavlja problem ili napor, osoblje imanja Marincel, na čelu s voditeljem Reneom vam može pomoći i oko toga svojim profesionalnim pristupom.

      Vjenčanja Zagreb nisu nikada bila romantičnija, intimna i skrovitija nego na imanju Marincel. Ako je to ono što tražite, na pravom ste mjestu.

      Sviđa vam se što vidite?

      Kontaktirajte Renea na mail: rene@imanje-marincel.com i tražite svoju posebnu i prilagođenu ponudu kako bi vaš dan bio napravljen za pamćenje.

      Ako tražite fotografa da dokumentira vaše vjenčanje na iskren i zabavan način – znate koga trebate kontaktirati =)

        Trifunovski weddings

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        bride looking at groom from inside the car. groom seen in reflection of a glass. Riverside Golf

        Martina&Nikola | Best of Riverside Golf Wedding | Fantastic Love Story

        Martina & Nikola | Riverside Golf Wedding

        Best of Riverside Golf Wedding Photography

        2019 brought so many amazing people to my life! People whose stories I had a privilege to document in my own way. So many of them said – do your thing, we trust you!
        Not Martina though – she was keen on trying to keep everything in check and under control 😀 She would stress about the flowers, about the dress, shoes, venue, weather, people – I mean everything! Luckily Nikola is so easy going and confident everything is going to be fine. He told her:

        “Don’t worry honey, everything is going to be perfect?”
        “How can you tell?”
        “I’m marrying you. That’s all that matters!”

        I knew it right away – Nikola is her kryptonite. She can’t resist him. She’s madly in love, and they are beautiful and perfect together. Honestly, the way the compliment each other is astounding!

        Film style Love Story

        Their love story is a filmic one. They met shortly in 2012 just before Martina left for Dubai working as a stewardess. Nikola caught her in his eye right away but timing was obviously not right. Like everything in life, I believe that if it is meant to happen – it will happen. (remind me to tell you Team Trifunovski Love Story one time – it’s proper definition of stars aligning 🙂 )
        They haven’t seen each other for years! And then, love intervened AGAIN – they met in 2016 at her brother Mario’s wedding.

        Fun fact – Mario is like 3,5 meters tall (he’s not REALLY 3,5 m tall, but he’s like – properly tall)

        I digressed – anyway – at that point their love blossomed! They started dating and Nikola proposed in their small flat a year+ later in 2017. He presented engagement ring alongside plane tickets to Portugal. Gotta say, the man got style 🙂

        Riverside Golf

        We met in 2018 for a coffee in Potter caffe in Zagreb. Her energy was captivating! What I appreciated most when meeting them is the fact she is not shy to say anything that’s on her mind! Such people are rather rare nowadays – NEVER lose that Martina <3
        Other thing that I noticed right away is that it was actually Nikola that contacted me first via FaceBook. If I had to pull statistically men vs. women it’s probably 90-95% women who make first contact 🙂

        That blew my mind, and I knew right away he was 150% involved in this wedding, and I knew I wanted to work with them!
        Luckily we clicked instantly and they booked me that very evening! I was over the moon! Not only I get to work with 2 amazing models, but I also get to spend evening with kick-ass team on Riverside Golf and Krivi Smjer Band.

        Krivi Smjer KILLED it (as per usual to be honest. I’m still waiting for a bad wedding while they are rocking). Dance floor was full entire night which translates into great dance photos. Honestly, Marko and crew make my work so much more easier. If you are looking for a band for your wedding and/or event you should check them out. You’ll see some of my images on their web 🙂

        I’ve been bashing about Krivi Smjer so much, I forgot to praise the team at Riverside Golf. They did amazing job! Entire day without a single hiccup. Really kudos to Marijan Galić for assembling such a great team of professionals.


        The Big Day at Riverside Golf

        Martina and Nikola got ready at the Golf Villa on the golf courses. I love working at the hotels, villas, castles etc because it’s usually lit fantastically. Big windows, no obstructions but you get to control the light spill with the blinds. You can focus the light and almost mimic the speedlight – big fan of that! <3

        Martina was really anxious on the day of the wedding. There were a hiccup or two at the beginning of the day which really got her of the tracks, but luckily, your favourite wedding photographer has a solution for that! It’s my little secret, my friend Mr.Jack Daniels =) (Alcohol usage is heavily encouraged during the day, especially with nervous newlyweds 🙂 )
        When the guests started to arrive at the Villa (and the church later on on the Upper Town) everything turned into an even flow. It all simply clicked to the very end, and fun was about to commence!

        This Riverside Golf wedding is for all of my clients who love the idea of having fun. Want to have fun? Get in touch and let’s make your story together =)
        Also, I already shot a wedding at Riverside Golf and blogged, but last time it wasn’t in the big tent but in a Le Jardin Country house. Check it out here 🙂

        Allow me to take a moment to talk about Riverside Golf Wedding Venue

        Riverside Golf Wedding venue is an amazing location for you to get married on the very edge of the City Of Zagreb, located just a tiny bit south from Arena Zagreb sports venue and shopping mall. Riverside Golf offers 2 options for getting married on that location (fun fact – there are 2 more Golf venues. One in Zaprešić I shot a wedding too last year plus on in WestGate shopping mall opened at the very end of last years season called The Loft. Now THAT I can’t wait to see and shoot at. Industrial design, modern, remote – my kind of venue! If you’re getting married there – drop me a note, let’s connect and write your story together <3 )

        The options for getting married on Riverside venue is a big tent on the meadow which can accommodate up to 600 people (I honestly think I don’t know 600 people personally to invite to wedding 😀 ) and a smaller “cottage” option for more intimate weddings called Le Jardin (where I also shot a wedding a couple of years ago-check it out here).

        Timeless elegance, brilliant service and food, breathtaking location with a lake, huge meadow and golf carts – you can’t miss with it! Whether your wedding is big and flashy, small and romantic, traditional or modern – Riverside Golf got you covered.

        All you got to do is place yourselves in more that competent hands of Marijan who is their Master of Ceremonies and tell him what do you want. They can organise everything you can think of – trust me, I’ve seen it 🙂

        You think you just found you wedding photographer?

        Let's connect and make your story together <3

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          kuglana vjencanje

          Kuglana wedding photography, best in series Zagreb | Ana&Jurica

          Kuglana vjencanje Zagreb

          Contrary to popular belief – you can have small and intimate wedding and have all the bells and whistles you always dreamt of! This Kuglana wedding just proved my point for being intimate, personalised, detailed and beautiful. It gave me borderline elopement feeling in the middle of my city of Zagreb.

          Ana and Jurica made their wedding day their own personal DIY project by creating memories to all of their friends. Jurica even brewed his own beer instead of giving classical Thank You Note – how cool is that? They decided against the marching band in favour of a 1-man band playing rock and pop classics on the yard while we were sipping cold beer on a couch under the skies.

          Icing to the cake was Anas cousin taking the microphone and singing some 70s and 80s love songs to the wedding party. Her beautiful voice threw us all in a state of trance. Everything was going just right entire day!

          And then at the very end of it all – the venue! Kuglana wedding venue simply blew my mind! Industrial design, old-school/rustic/chic/boho call it whatever you want, all I know is that that place got SOUL. Pair that with the music treat by mesmerising Samoborski fakini band and you got a winner for sure! I’m not going to lie – I stayed until the very end of the party, that’s how much fun I had!

          From now on, Kuglana wedding is going to be a gold standard for me. Always referred to when measuring the quality of the party. Measuring unit for a laid back couple who just wants to have fun not bound by strings of classical wedding – doing things their own way! Just the way I like it, just the way I make my photography.

          THANK YOU

          Ana and Jurica for putting your trust in me to document your day in a candid and journalistic way. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness your amazing day and allowing me to create some of my own memories! You made yourself a new lifelong friend 🙂

          Kuglana Vjenčanje

          Zagreb wedding photographer

          Kuglana wedding venue, a former bowling alley used to be a place for young people to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some cold brews alongside throwing some bowling games. Today you can use the place to do whatever you want.

          Events of any kind, albeit corporate or private parties are being organised on this amazing and, admittedly a bit different venue

          Park-forrest Grmošćica is removed from city centre just enough for you not to drive too far away and yet to feel s scent of a fresh air in the shade while sipping on cocktail and to feel the unique peace of Zagreb woods.

          To enjoy the goodies you just read about, all you need to do is pick up your phone, get in touch and book this amazing venue. After that – entire organisation can be in your hands so you can personalise all you want <3

          If you don’t have enough time to organise everything yourself, or simply don’t want you and would like to hire a trained professionals to do the job for you using your guidelines – Kuglana wedding team has got just the right people for you. Their associates will make sure to do everything to make your special day unforgettable and personalised to the tiniest detail so that you get everything you ever wanted and dreamt of.

          If you stuck with me this long, all I got to say to you is – RESPECT and thank you. Thank you for following my work and enjoying what I’ve got to say through my images =)

          If this Kuglana wedding made an impact on you, and you feel like we can make a connection and create beautiful story like this one for you wedding – drop me a note. I would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust too.

            Trifunovski weddings

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            Croatiavjencanja zagreb, imanje marincel, fotograf vjencanja zagreb

            Best Of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019 by TWeddings

            Best Of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019

            2019 season was a hell of a ride. A properly exciting season full of love, emotions, moments, laughter, tears and hugs. Personalised love stories to my new clients and friends, naturally,  goes without saying 🙂
            Making a selection below 300 images was a challenge. Heck, even below 500 was a success in my mind! To lower it to 120-130 images I needed help. Tons and tons of unbiased help. And oh boy, did I get it? My beautiful (and sometimes too honest) wife Tamara and couple of amazing photographer friends (chief among them being Aleks Kus – Mr.Storyteller himself). I mean, who else can you rely on if not them, right?

            Please bear with me to extend my warmest thank yous to them all – You’re the real MVPs 🙂

            Best of Croatia Wedding Photography 2019

            This rollercoaster of a year makes me really proud and happy. Stories told through my images have met and exceeded my expectations by a mile. This was a true year of a reportage and documentary wedding photography in Croatia for me and I can only hope to pile on this and build my brand for years to come.

            To be perfectly honest, being a wedding photographer in Croatia gives you a nice push and a head start. Nowhere in the world will you find such an ambient, landscapes, energy and people! I am really grateful to have the opportunity to live here and make stories with this backdrop.

            Year in review

            At the very end of my monologue, I’d like to thank the people who make this all possible by putting their trust in me to document their day in my way. Seeing that people like your creative expression enough to put them in your hands and say those sweet couple of words:

            Do what ever you want to, we trust you

            Thank you <3

            It’s now time to sit back, relax, pop a beer and popcorn and enjoy this short montage of select images to reflect 2019. If you like what you see, feel free to reach out – I’m dying to hear your story. 🙂

              Trifunovski weddings

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              ekopark kraš fotograf vjenčanja

              Tamara&Mislav │ Simply The Best of Superhero Love Stories │ EkoPark Kraš │ Fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb

              Fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb

              Wonder Woman & Batman Best Superhero Super Love Story

              It always makes for an amazing story when newlyweds click with me, and this is one of that stories! We bonded over so many things, not only photography that I was amazed.

              I felt as if we were separated right after birth 🙂 Having shot destination weddings over years, I almost forgot how amazing and beautiful it is to shoot locally. But being just a Croatia wedding photographer doesn’t satisfy me. I need to be more, be precise – be Krasograd wedding photographer 🙂

              This was my first opportunity to shoot in EkoPark Kraš. Oh how I loved it! I am so happy to finally call myself a Krasograd wedding photographer. Then again, it wasn’t a hard job for me to photograph these two. I mean – look at them! They are just crazy about each other. All you need to see it the way Mislav looks at Tamara. You’ll get the point what I’m talking about. I saw that the first time we sat for a coffee. They are constantly holding hands, sharing laughs, looks and tiny kisses. Gotta love it <3

              Fuji 400h film engagement session in Zagreb

              Engagement session was a challenge for me though. The lighting conditions were far from perfect but I need to challenge myself as often as possible.We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

              Luckily, having such an amazing models makes everything much easier. I shot this session was partly on my digital cameras, partly on an old medium format Mamiya 645 camera with Fuji 400h film. I have to say – I loved every second of it. In fact, I loved it so much I decided to carry that piece of beauty to every future session this season.

              It makes for special look, special colours and grain, and I want and need to do that more often in my future weddings and sessions. Come to think of it – if you’d like to have different images – click HERE and let’s make some film photography together – I promise you won’t regret it. If you don’t believe me –  just ask Tamara and Mislav <3

              Oh yeah, I almost forgot – try and guess what they are fans of after you’re done with these images – I guess it won’t be too hard, but just to be sure, I’ll give you a preview – DCU movies 🙂

              Ekopark Kraš je garantirano pravi izbog za vjenčanje iz snova

              Fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb

              Biti fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb je poziv. Poziv koji me usrećuje i ispunjuje zato što imam kreativnu slobodu i mogućnost personalizirati svaku priču na svoj način. Zagreb i okolica daju neograničene opcije za pustiti kreativi na volju, pogotovo Ekopark Kraš. Ovo je prvo vjenčanje koje sam tamo fotografirao i oduševio sam se s količinom materijala koje se tamo može napraviti.

              Ekopark Kraš nalazi se u malom slikovitom mjestu Bratina, svega 25 km od Zagreba. Prekrasna priroda oduševit će svakog željnog tišine i odmora, a realno – to nam svima nedostaje 🙂

              Ekopark Krašograd nudi razne vrste smještajnih jedinica za samostalan boravak s pogledom na park ili akumulacijsko jezero koje udomljuje brojne životnje.

              Sve smještajne jedinice objekta u potpunosti su opremljene svime što vam treba za nekoliko dana odmora u prirodi. Pojedini apartmani sadrže kuhinju opremljenu kuhinjskim posuđem, blagovaonicu, prostranu terasu s pogledom na vrt te vlastitu kupaonicu s tušem.

              Cijeli objekt uključuje kuće s apartmanima, bungalove, kapelice, 2 jezera, bazene, dječja igrališta, sportska igrališta, farmu i obradive poljoprivredne površine s raznim usjevima. U sklopu objekta nalazi se mali zoološki vrt za djecu.

              Gosti mogu mogu objedovati u restoranu u okviru objekta Domaćica koji poslužuje jela pripremljena od domaćih organskih proizvoda s farme.

              Ako ste rekreativac, u sklopu Ekoparka Krašograd nalaze se i teniski teren, odbojkaško igralište, boćalište, vanjski bazen i nogometno igralište, a ako se želite samo šetati i uživati u prirodi, oko cijelog Ekoparka vodi šetnica s prekrasnim pogledom na zeleni krajolik i jezero.

              U prekrasnom okruženju Ekoparka Vaše će vjenčanje ostati u divnom sjećanju Vama i Vašim gostima.

              Pred Vama je najljepši dan Vašeg život – dan vjenčanja. Prepustite se u vrlo sposobne organizacijske ruke djelatnika Parka kako bi vaš dan prošao bezbolno i bezrižno – na vama je samo da se zabavite i napraviti tulum za sječanje.
              Prekrasan ambijent Parka garantiran nezaboravne uspomene svim gostima, a za dokumentiranje tih trenutaka – znate koga trebate kontaktirati

              Vrhunska gastonomska ponuda, prostrana dvorana i idiličan krajolik čine Krašograd idealnim mjestom za vjenčanje iz snova. Svi zajedno pobrinut ćemo se da vam ovaj dan ostane u najljepšem sjećanju! Osoblje restorana Domačica, te vaš fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb.

              Trifunovski weddings

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              double exposure of couple hugging in the woods

              1+1 = Matea&Matko ⅼ Fotograf vjenčanja Heart By Lido ⅼ Most beatiful love stories

              Zagreb wedding photographer │ Fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb

              May 2019

              Volim kada mi ljudi pruže svoje povjerenje i kažu – Sale, radi što želiš. Oči mi se ozare, srce počne jače kucati, a dobre fotke su gotovo garantirane =).
              Kada smo sjeli na kavu da se upoznamo odmah mi je bilo jasno da se njihovi životi vrte oko matematike. Oboje su završili PMF, Matko ide na doktorat.
              Išli su i osvajali natjecanja, olimpijade i dan danas im se poslovi vrte oko brojki.
              Nije samo matematika ono što ih veže! Ispod stola se drže za ruke, gledaju zaljubljenim pogledima, skriveni osmjesi i odmah mi je bilo jasno. Oni su ludo zaljubljeni i moj posao je upravo postao 150% lakši =)
              Na dan svadbe nema sessiona! Ne žele nepotrebni pritisak nego zabaviti se s obitelji i prijateljima.
              Na dan svadbe – samo novinarski pristup fotkanju i zabava! Vjenčanje točno prema mom ukusu =)
              Još kada dodam k tome jednu od najdražih lokacija za vjenčanja u Heart By Lido restoranu – nije moguće imati lošu priču <3

              Veliki dan~Heart By Lido

              Stigao je i veliki dan i za štimung su zaduženi bend Face, a Heart by Lido je zasjao punim sjajem. Podij je pun od prvoga momenta – prošlo je 3 sata ujutro, ali nitko ne odustaje i nejde se kući.
              Bend praši fantastičnim tempom, ekipa daje pozitivnu reakciju i tulum je pun uspjeh! Sitnih, ukradenih trenutaka među podijem punim ljudi ko u priči, a ja jedva čekam zaokružiti priču sessionom.
              Stigao nama tako ponedjeljak, a vani – prolom oblaka! Meni u glavi – nadam se da je Matea kupila haljinu i hvala Bogu da smo radili pre-wedding session u centru grada pa imamo “casual” fotke.
              Srećom – Matea je kupila haljinu, a vrijeme se par dana kasnije popravilo i osušilo travu – vrijeme je za zabavu i novo fotkanje <3.
              Nakon sat vremena je Matku već polako dosta fotkanja, ali ja se nedam – ajmo još tu, fakat je vrhunsko svjetlo, joj ajmo još tamo, tu je lijep kadar! Ali Sale – tu je potok, ne možemo preko osim ako skačemo! Moj odgovor? Ajd samo pažljivo 😀
              Mislim da nisu požalili niti sekunde, a nisam ni ja <3.
              Uspomene su napravljene, a ja sam sebi još jednom dokazao da sam uistinu fotograf vjenčanja Zagreb 🙂
              Ako i vi želite dokumentiranje svog posebnog dana – kontaktirajte me, biti će mi drago čuti vašu unikatnu priču =)

              Fotograf vjencanja Zagreb︱Matea & Matko

              Like what you see? Get in touch :)

                Dubai, Sisak Wedding, Trifunovski Weddings

                Malou&Petar - Dubai Wedding │ Best Of Destination Weddings

                Malou&Petar ~ Couple living in Dubai, marrying in Sisak

                What a wedding story <3

                Obviously I’m aware this wedding didn’t take place in Dubai. In all fairness – Malou and Petar live and work there, and it sure has amazing ring to it, don’t you think? Dubai wedding photographer – sounds great! 🙂

                Before plunging deep into my mind and 2 kilometres long blog post let’s take a second and discuss one thing. That thing is destination wedding. Common taught on destination wedding – book amazing couple anywhere in the world.

                Travel there, meet amazing people, tell their story. Then with little help from The Big Guy above – book some more weddings there. Love that idea – would love it to happen couple a times a year. Not every weekend though! To me destination wedding means couple somewhere in the world organising their wedding in Croatia.

                Let’s be honest – Croatia has SO MUCH to offer <3. Then getting in touch with me and booking my services.

                Why you ask? I used to work for many years in a big company which meant going on business trips many times a year – often for a month or so.

                I never minded that until I got my first kid Lea. And now having 2 of those little bundles of joy, I don’t see myself traveling 200+ days a year outside Croatia. Sure – I’d love to sleep til 12 the day after the wedding, but can’t get mad at kids for jumping on my head at 8 o’clock in the morning

                Way of topic, I know – sorry about that. Back to the point! Malou and Petar are THAT couple. Destination bride and groom coming to Croatia to get married.

                Malou is from Philippines, Petar from Croatia – CroAsian Connection established. <3

                They met and fell in love in Dubai where they both live and work. Gotta say – I’m grateful they selected as their wedding photographer. Having opportunity to learn of their traditions, customs and more about their culture.

                Newfound knowledge makes me a much richer man, and I do mean that.

                Early morning session

                If you follow my work, you’ve noticed I try to do things differently whenever possible, right? Well these guys were no exception! When Malou said she’d like to have an engagement session in the Upper Town in Zagreb, I said, sure – no problem! As long as you don’t mind waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning and meeting me there at 5:30!

                I wanted to avoid tons of people, tourists and if lucky – find some new and interesting lighting. Boy, was I right! To all my future friends and clients – you have Lu and Petar to thank for waking up at 4 in the morning for next sessions 🙂


                Old Sisak Fortress Wedding

                Controlled by the Bishop of Zagreb, fortress is Sisak town museum in this modern day. Location – between mouth of river Sava on one side and on very bank of river Kupa on the other. Sorry to say we didn’t enter within the walls to the inner court.

                We decided against using to much time for a session (15ish minutes or so). Instead, Petar and Lu decided to spend as much time as possible with their family and friends and it was a jackpot.

                Party took place on the lawn in front of the fortress under huge tent. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Stari Grad, and I swear you won’t regret contacting them if you are looking for a place to get married near Sisak.

                It’s rustic, old school, different and the food was extraordinary. Anyways, Lu and Peta took to the next level organisation-wise. They took care of everything! Appetisers on the lawn in front of the tent, flowers and rustic details everywhere.

                Both band and DJ Dario were rocking so there was no down time. In charge for the mood was Luminos – awesome lighting company that will blow your socks off. You couldn’t ask for more even if you wanted to.

                Long story short (not that this was short by any means) – hope you enjoy these images. Lu and Pero – thank you for putting your trust in me to document your most important day, I will never forget that.

                If you are looking for a wedding photographer (no matter the location) who’s going to make your day a bit more enjoyable get in touch. Let me make memories for you too.

                  Trifunovski weddings

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